Hector Castro

My dad is the main reason that got me into cycling!! He would take me on long rides when I was a kid and I would always try to race him on my BMX bike..I rode BMX for a large portion of my life. Probably the best years of my life to be honest!! Punk rock/bikes and babes was what my life consisted of. Riding around to different street spots and shredding always kept the live for it alive and well but after many years of broken bones concussions and injuries I came to a point in my life where I needed something different. That’s when I was introduced to the concept of fixed gear bikes. Immediately after getting one I was hooked and was hooked on going fast!! And that manifested to my current status of racing track and criteriums.

Favorite route- I’m a horrible climber so I have a urge to try to improve. I go out to little tujunga a few times during the week to kick my ass up those little climbs to better myself!! But I ain’t gonna lie I still fucking suck..

Memorable races- Best I’ve ever done in a race was a 10 mile time trial. I ended getting podium with a second place. But the craziest race I’ve ever done was the marathon crash race I did with the B.NETteam! So much fucking raw craziness happening all at once shit was nuts. Saw a lot of racers get destroyed !’ Was glad to make it out in one piece..

Favorite quote- Shut the fuck up and pedal faster you pussy bitch!!

Spooning leads to forking so I don’t care what size spoon it is, as long as the female is fine as fuck I’m stoked!!

For the world to know?? I like long walks on the beach. And a big thank you to JT and the bicycle.net team for all the support, shit talking, and ass grabbing. You fuckers are the shit..

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