Joey Sokol

-How you got started cyclering or racing

 The sun beat as temperatures rose to high 90s. The endless journey down on a long excruciating river bike path, performed on no better than a 40 pound mountain bike, would later become my gateway into competitive cycling. That was also the day I decided to invest in a better road bike. So as I slowly became faster and found my way deeper and deeper into the extensive, but charming cycling community I met JT who offered to take me to my first race. I was hooked. 
-Your favorite route or ride
On short days I like going up Franklin Canyon in Beverly Hills
On long days or any chance I get I dart up Fernwood off Topanga Canyon. 

-Favorite/most memorable race
CBR last race of the season I led out Bryan at 36 MPH. Though our strategy wasn’t successful the race till this day remains my favorite.

-Any quote
“Young and Dumb” – Jonathan Tessler

Both, depends on the food item.
-Anything else you want the world to know
Love traveling, will sacrifice the world to travel it. 

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