Jonathan ‘JT’ Tessler

Name: Jonathan Tessler

Nickname: Thunder
Racing Age: 50
Favorite race type: Crit and Track
Strengths: Lead out guy, and all around loud mouth
Husband and father of 3 kids
I started riding in 1985 with a team called Rainbow Sports out of the San Fernando Valley. I have done well over 300 races. I started racing/riding because I hated sports that involved a ball, and I saw Greg Lemond ride and thought I wanted to do that. how hard could it be. ┬áCan’t we all ride a bike? Almost 30 years later I am still trying to get good at riding a bike fast.
I was also an early adopter of triathlon and have done over 100 races. As well as completing 2 Ironman triathlons.
Favorite Ride: PCH to Big Rock, back to Topanga/Old Topanga
Favorite Race: Dana Point Crit
Most Memorable race: Wolfpack Crash Race 2013
Quote: Attitude is Everything
Best race result: 1st in a crit in 1985

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