Samuel Krut

Samuel Krut was fortunate enough to grow up in the Encino Hills, right off the infamous Mullholand Dr. As a child him and his neighbor would spend hours ever day walking their bike up the surounding hills and speeding down. As Sam got older he started exploring the beautiful trails of the Santa Monica Mountains just seconds from his home. His father had a fairly old mountain bike laying around and when Sam was roughly twelve. Sam bought some tubes, gave it a nice wash, and began speeding away. His love for cycling and exploring the trails lead him to mountain biking. After countless hours of mountain biking Sam decided he wanted more. Sam went home and searched around for a junior program on the internet. He came across Encino Velo, emailed them, and was told to come out to the velodrome for a junior night. Sam showed up to the velodrome with his fathers mountain bike, completely oblivious to what the velodrome is. A big Australian named Stefan introduced himself and was in disbelief when Sam told him he was planning on riding his mountain bike on the velodrome. Stefan got Sam setup on a rental track bike and Sam kept coming back session after session. Finally he was aproached by a man named Les, who offered to take Sam on a road ride, Sam’s parents were some what skeptical at first, but later agreed. Sam went on many road rides after that with Les and eventually Les started giving Sam workouts to do. Sam compeleted these workouts and Les sent him more (get it Les is more:). Sam raced for Encino Velo, but shortly afterwards was offered a spot on Lux Pro Development, where Sam would spend roughly a season working with them. For undisclosed reasons Sam returned back to his original team Encino Velo and would spend the next season racing and developing himself mentally and physically, with Les’s coaching. While on Encino Velo, Sam met Joey Sokol ( at a road race, they quickly became good friends and rode together often.

In his 2013 season Sam participated in many races including state road and time trial championships. At the end of his 2013 season, Sam spoke with JT ( and made the decision of joining Sam hopes for a strong, safe, and fun year with

Sam’s Favorite Ride: Cruising on PCH from Santa Monica to Point Mugu and back

Sam’s Most Memorable Race: Sam’s most memorable race is Ladera Ranch. He spent the whole time playing in the front and on the last lap, he was certian that the feild was going into a turn way to fast. He slowed down before entering the turn and sure enough everyone in front of him crashed. He looked back and the remaining feild was 100m behind.

Sam’s Favorite Quote: “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

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